Alternate Routes: find and draw the fastest route!

My new game Alternate Routes is available now in the App Store! Alternate Routes is a very casual racing game, with no predefined tracks: it is up to you to figure out and create the fastest path that crosses all the gates in each level. You can draw as slowly as you want; only the trajectory matters. Will you achieve the right balance between covering less distance and avoiding sharp turns that slow you down?

As you progress in the game, you will encounter new types of gates, and earn upgrades to help you get the last few missing medals. But there is more:
– unlock the Expert mode, and try to beat the developers’ times.
– show your skills in the leaderboards for the Survival and Time Trial modes.
– compete with your friends on a single device in the Multiplayer mode, for even more hours of fun.

Click here for more information.

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Flower Garden

I spent several months in 2013 porting the successful iOS game Flower Garden to Android, you can find it in Google Play as well as in the Amazon Appstore. Since last week end, players can also plant seeds, care for the plants, watch the flowers bloom, and create bouquets on their Windows Phone 8 devices!

Google Play Amazon Appstore

More information is available on the Flower Garden web page.
Here are a few screenshots from the Android version:

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Jigsaw Guru for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Jigsaw Guru is finally available in the App Store! Play with the provided pictures on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, or use your own photos, free of charge. That’s right, unlike most jigsaw puzzle games on the iPhone, Jigsaw Guru lets you import pictures for free, with no limitation. So why not take a quick picture of your loved ones, and start playing now?

Here are a few screenshots taken on the iPhone 5, iPad, and iPod touch:

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Ace of Dynamites

Ace of Dynamites was released today, both on the Windows Phone 7 and  on the Xbox360 (in the XBox Live Indie Games marketplace). In this action-puzzle game, completing the 20 levels in easy difficulty is only a warm-up: in addition to some skills to avoid your enemies, the medium and hard modes will challenge you to find new strategies to succeed. Your efforts won’t go unnoticed: 15 awards are included in the game, waiting to be unlocked.

The gems from the kingdom of the Round Happy Faces people have been stolen by their enemies. They’re now scattered in the lands of the Death’s Heads tribe, and guarded 24/7. Since explosives are the only weapon that can be used against the Death’s Heads, you’ve been chosen to go to hostile territory and get as many gems back as possible, for your Round Happy Face’s nickname is Ace of Dynamites. And if you can blow some of those skull looking guys up along the way, it’s even better!

On the Windows Phone 7, Ace of Dynamites is available as a paid application, with a trial mode that allows you to play the first 10 levels, and as a free game called Ace of Dynamites Free with those same 10 levels only. Both versions share the same online leaderboards, and our developer inserted his own score as a reference. The question is: can you beat it?

Ace of Dynamites for the Windows Phone 7:

Ace of Dynamites Free for the Windows Phone 7:

Ace of Dynamites for the XBox360: click here

“Fairy Engine LLC did a great job designing this WP7 game and soon after you start the game, you’ll become set to collect as many gems as you can!”
- WP7Lab

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Jigsaw Guru Free now on Android

The jigsaw puzzle game Jigsaw Guru Free is now available for Android phones! Here are the details on the Android Market.
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Jigsaw Guru on the Xbox 360

Jigsaw Guru was approved on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel yesterday. The trial and full versions can be downloaded directly from your console, or added to your download queue here.

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Jigsaw Guru Free for the Windows Phone 7 released today

Jigsaw Guru Free was approved by Microsoft today, and is now available on the Windows Phone 7 marketplace. It is a slightly modified version of the original Jigsaw Guru, the relaxing jigsaw puzzle game, with no limitation, and it’s free! So why not download it, give it a try, and write a review to let other players know what you think?

Jigsaw Guru Free on the Windows Phone 7 marketplace:

Here is a short video, and a few screenshots from the game:

You can also read a review on

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Jigsaw Guru available on the Windows Phone 7

Jigsaw GuruJigsaw Guru is a relaxing jigsaw puzzle game,  with some useful helps for players having a hard time finishing a puzzle, or wanting an easier experience. Very casual, with no time limit, you can save whenever you want, and pick up where you left off. Depending on the difficulty level you choose, a game can last between a minute and a whole hour, and you may have to use the zoom functionality to look at different parts of the picture. The full version of Jigsaw Guru allows you to play with any photo on your phone, for even more hours of fun.

Jigsaw Guru is now available on the Windows Phone 7 marketplace for $0.99:

Watch a gameplay video, and see many of Jigsaw Guru’s features in action:

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