Frequently Asked Questions

Is Alternate Routes coming to other platforms?

The game is only available on iOS for now.
We would like to port it to Android and Windows Phone in the future, but are not making promises.

I have a new iPhone/iPad; can I transfer my progress?

Yes. Make sure iCloud is enabled and uses the same account on both devices.
In the game's settings, go to Cloud Backup: you should see the save game from your old device in the bottom half of the screen. Tap it and confirm you want to load it on the new device.
If iCloud was not enabled on your old device, enable it, then simply do a race in any level to upload your save game.

Where is the Expert mode I read about in the Objectives?

Once you have all the gold medals in Casual mode, you can activate the Expert mode in the game's settings.
The Expert mode then replaces the Casual mode in the main menu.


Take your time

The speed at which you draw has no effect on the result of your race: all that matters is the trajectory.
Also, you don't have to draw the whole route in one single move; you can draw part of it, lift your finger, put it back on the screen somewhere else (since it doesn't have to be on the ship), and continue.

Minimize orange and yellow road sections

In order to go fast, you should try to minimize the yellow sections in your road (slow turns), the orange sections even more (sharp turns), and the red sections at all cost.
A good example is Standard level 4: instead of zigzagging like crazy, it is possible to draw an all green road, which is much more effective.

How to improve your times

In addition to minimizing orange and yellow road sections, there are 3 main ways to improve your times, especially if you are stuck on a medal that seems out of reach:
- find a better route. Maybe the one you keep drawing is not optimal, try other options.
- upgrade your ship. This will make it go faster, no matter the path.
- use the Ghost Reveal booster. The game will display the trajectory corresponding with the next medal you're trying to get, or the developer's record if you already have the gold medal. This is a great way to learn the ropes, and understand where you can improve.

"Complete this pack in Casual mode to unlock it"

You need to get at least the bronze medal for each of the 9 levels in a pack in order to make this pack playable in the Time Trial and Multiplayer modes.

Objective steps and rewards

Each objective has 3 steps, as indicated by the 3 check boxes on the left. If you tap one of the check boxes, a window will appear at the bottom of the screen, with the information for the corresponding step.
For example, you can use this to see the last step of the Survival mode objective is to reach a score of 10, and has a reward of 60 upgrade points.
Tap anywhere outside of the window to close it.

Number of coins

To know how many coins you currently have, you can go to the Objectives screen.
The number of coins is of course also displayed in the Purchase dialog for any booster.

Upgrades in Multiplayer

In Multiplayer mode, everybody uses the same upgraded ship from the current game.

Upgrades in Expert mode

You don't need to have a fully upgraded ship to play in Expert mode, you only need to have earned all the medals in Casual mode (which is possible without upgrading at all).
However, since the times to beat in Expert mode were made with a fully upgraded ship, it is recommended you complete all the steps from the first 3 objectives before moving on to this harder challenge.

In-game tips

- your goal is to draw a path through all of the gates for your ship to follow.
- your finger does not need to be on the ship to create the path. This makes things easier to see!
- try routes to find the fastest one. Take your time: your drawing speed does not affect the result.
- don't worry if you don't get all the medals at first: upgrades will improve the speed of your ship later.
- one way gates can only be crossed in one direction.
- mud slows you down. Try to go around it... unless it's a big detour.
- cross the X gate several times. When it's red, cross another gate before coming back.
- inverter gates reverse the direction of one way gates.
- +1 and -1 gates modify the multipliers on other gates.

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