Fairy Engine LLC
Based in Carlsbad, California

Founding date:
October 4, 2010


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Ace Of Dynamites
Alternate Routes
Jigsaw Guru
Flower Garden


Fairy Engine is a one man game studio focusing on mobile, and whatever platforms might fit the dreams of its founder.


Windows Phone early adopter

The first game from Fairy Engine, Jigsaw Guru, was developed to be available on Windows Phone when Microsoft launched the product in Fall 2010. After porting it to the Xbox 360 (as part of the Xbox Live Indie Game program) and Android, Fairy Engine made a more action oriented game, also for Windows Phone and Xbox 360: Ace of Dynamites.


Moving away from XNA, Fairy Engine embraced the Unity cross platform engine, and used it to make the game Flower Garden, developed natively for iOS by Snappy Touch, available on Android and Windows Phone. Since then, Fairy Engine has been working on an original title called Alternate Routes, coming to iOS in April 2015, with plans for Android and Windows Phone versions later on.



Alternate Routes gameplay trailer YouTube

Ace of Dynamites gameplay trailer YouTube

Jigsaw Guru demo video YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (199KB)

There are far more images available for Fairy Engine LLC, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

download logo files as .zip (669KB)

Awards & Recognition

  • "Demo Video Winner in codeproject.com's Windows Phone 7 Competition" - Jigsaw Guru, 2011

Selected Articles

  • "Like a crazy mash-up between Bomberman and a sliding block game, “Ace of Dynamites” adds the one thing sliding block puzzle games were missing: tonnes of explosions."
    - , Writings of Mass Deduction
  • "Guide your disembodied head around mazes pushing dynamite with your face to blow up skulls blocking your paths. With forced direction arrows and some truly tricky puzzles, this has a lot more depth than it lets on, keeping you hooked for ages. All in all, it’s ace. End of review. Tied it up quite nicely."
    - Michael J Fax, DIY mag
  • "[...] while jigsaws are not our "thang" so to speak, it actually is a nifty little gem--especially how you can use any photo on your device that you took as a jigsaw puzzle, ranging from a few pieces to a whole lot. It should keep jigsaw enthusiasts busy for sometime."
    - Daniel Rubino, Windows Central
  • "All-in-all it’s a great little jigsaw puzzle game that’s easy to get into and play."
    - David K., Mobility Digest

Development blog
Some development related articles written by the team: http://fairyengine.blogspot.com/.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Frederic My
One Man Band

Shane Nakamura
Artist, Freelancer

Tim Aza
Music, Freelancer

Aimee Seaver
Artist, Freelancer

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