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Fairy Engine

Fairy demo #4 (6937 Kb - 10/10/01)
[Requires DirectX8 or OpenGL]

More information is available here
(Rem: demos #1 to #3 are not available anymore, they were older versions of demo #4)


all articles (1.17 Mb)

This file contains all the articles you can find on this website, in html format with their images and links. To read them offline: open articles.htm in your browser to get the menu, or select directly one of the texts in the \articles folder.
Important note: the links pointing to zip files, or pages that are not articles (eg. the "related pages"), are broken, because these pages and files are not included.


DSS3M 1.1 (175 Kb - 05/28/01)
[Requires DirectX7 or above]

After Death S3M (255 Kb - 07/16/96)
This is the music composed by Toalnkor/Realtech for Real Time's "old school demo" After Death

Goldorak S3M (131 Kb - 05/10/95)
This is the main music composed by Tof for Real Time's "old school demo" Goldorak

More information is available here.

Old school demos

! Be aware these demos run under MS-DOS and require some knowledge to be launched (see additional information)!

After Death (2653 Kb - demo - 11/96)     [screenshots - 225 Kb]
Fli (8 Kb - 4kb intro - 11/95)     [screenshots - 72 Kb]
Fli (9 Kb - 7kb intro - 01/02)     Windows version, requires OpenGL
No Limit (61 Kb - intro - 11/95)     [screenshots - 52 Kb]
Goldorak (1203 Kb - demo - 07/95)     [screenshots - 292 Kb]
Revenge (56 Kb - intro - 12/94)     [screenshots - 133 Kb]
Way to Finland (895 Kb - demo - 08/94)     [screenshots - 153 Kb]

Here is a small program I found that fixes a problem in some old demos: if they were coded in Turbo Pascal, they can't be run on (nowadays) fast computers, and need to be patched with this exe. This method has been successfully applied to 'Goldorak' (you don't have to redo it).
correct200 (5 Kb - 07/98)

Source code

some code used in Fairy (27 Kb - 09/08/02)
See contents and corresponding explanations on this page.

DSS3M sources [exe included] (288 Kb - 01/06/02)
[Requires DirectX7 or above]
More information is available here.

4k intro "Fli" source code (155 Kb - 01/20/02)
This file contains: the assembly sources of both DOS and Windows (OpenGL) versions, the makefiles, softwares to pack the exe files, the final exe, and some includes needed to compile the Windows version (see explanations here).

articles with samples:
[sample] XNA in a Form: how to display a couple of 3D views
[sample] an introduction to the High Level Shading Language with a simple example : 2-sided shader
[sample] multicolored status bar
[sample] rendering to multiple views with DirectX
[sample] tree drag & drop
[sample] generating HTML from C++
[sample] playing MP3

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